In 2003 , Founder Andy Lauer, began working with a division of the City of Santa Monica’s  office of Sustainability & Environment department and At the time incentives were being offered to those interested in installing various methods of saving water through their home or business (drip irrigation, low flow toilets,  etc). Some of those incentives still exist today. Working with an Irrigation and Landscape designer, Mr. Lauer, submitted  an aggressive proposal that was ultimately accepted for the program. Among the proposal items was a comprehensive residential Greywater system that would become the City of Santa Monica’s first legally permitted Greywater system. The system would ultimately expand to cover twice the surface area after a two-year successful run.

 Due to the early stages of the technology, jurisdiction of the construction fell under three different entities: The City of Santa Monica, The City of Los Angeles and the County of Los Angeles and their respective water departments. Needless to say the bureaucracy was ineffective as well as time and cost prohibitive. Lauer was able to bring the entities together and streamline the process – an accomplishment that is in effect today.

 During construction Lauer gathered together a team of local experts in their respective fields. This is the team that forms the current core of Santa Monica Greywater Consultants.