How It Works

Call/email for an appointment to have a technician tour your jobsite or view your existing construction plans. Upon initial consultation, SMGC will ascertain and discuss the different options you have to create a working system. In 5-7 days  you’ll receive a written report outlining the choices you’ll have and a guaranteed price point.  The choices will vary from a full restructuring of your in-house plumbing and a less involved system in a single section of your property.

Unlike drought-tolerant yards, you CAN PLANT non drought-tolerant plants and flowers!  We work with new construction as well as reworking existing 310.962.3080

SMGC shepherds our clients through their goals while staying in compliance with environmental regulations. We do this through:

 Project Management and Organization

Construction Management

Engineering and Design

Landscape irrigation with recycled water and captured rainwater

 Quality Control

 The processing of City, State, and Coastal Permits