Our Core Team

Andy Lauer/Founder

Los Angeles native. Educated in San Diego, New Hampshire and New York.  With matching funds from grants he gathered a team of Greywater experts to build and design his own Greywater system at the residence he shares with his family in Santa Monica. Lives and works in Santa Monica. He consults frequently with the Kim O’Cain and the City of Santa Monica’s Office of Sustainability and the Environment.

Kevin Poffenbarger/Environmental Planning Designs (EPD)

Attended the University of Maryland. Has designed and built residential and commercial water sustainment projects though out the Southern California region. Lives with his wife and children in the South Bay. Travels abroad often. Expert in sustainable development technologies with emphases in decentralized wastewater treatment and reuse, green building systems, watershed planning, stormwater management, aquaculture, agriculture, and marine systems.

Tomas Sapilia

Tomas has 20 years experience as Project Manager providing onsite supervision, inspection and logistics during the installation process. Tomashas a lifetime of knowledge rooted in this revolutionary sand hydroponic technology and he actively educates professionals on its benefits. He is an integral advocate promoting and designing the EPIC System for clients worldwide. Proficient in AutoCAD since 1994, Tomas interprets and conveys ECS design renderings to architects, engineers, municipalities and contractors.